We gather together as a family, holding dear the promise of Canada: We come from many places and speak with many voices but we are one. We recognize that we must work together for our common betterment. We must be kind to each other and we must help each other for we grow stronger together with strength and compassion; as one.


Nelson Chan vision is to share Wingchun to everyone from his 40 years of teaching in Canada.


WSAO serves members to train and teach Wingchun Chinese Kung Fu in Ontario via fellowship and exercises as sports for good health. Shifu Chan has taught Wingchun in Ontario over forty years. WSAO promote Hongkong Wingchun martial arts via six awareness of Chinese martial arts training. Our training approach is HD/CD (Health & Discipline / Control & Defense).

Our vision:

Chan Shifu has been teaching Wingchun over forty years and summarized in six awareness are:

Book 1:

拳法 Quan Fa – Way of the fist (empty) form, from Hongkong Great Grand Master YipMan, to Grand Master MoyYat, to Shifu NelsonChan, and then to associates (YMC&A)
心法 Xin Fa – Way of the Wingchun principle and theories in concept and form movements
功法 Gong Fa – Way of Wingchun basic exercises training to a higher coaching level

Book 2:

活法 Huo Fa – Way of living of life for health and spirit
食法 Shi Fa – Way of intake consumption for balance diet and exercise
用法 Yong Fa – Way of Wingchun application towards a holistic approach of a life style – Chinese martial artist

Build a Wingchun martial art family in Ontario; grow a strong body from training in Wingchun martial art exercises; Witness the dignity of a Chinese martial artist to other people.